#30: Mockumentary Format | Top Docs of ’13


During the second episode of this new season of NJAM, Timmie, Michael, and Ryan tackle the mockumentary style of filmmaking and how its popularity has grown over the past few decades, before diving into their top documentaries of 2013.


I. Intro

II. The Mockumentary Format (Starting at 4:49)

A. History and Trivia

  1. Orson Wells | Zellig

  2. The Rob Reiner & Christopher Guest Era

B. Evolution through Television

  1. The Office UK | The Office US | Parks and Recreation | Modern Family | Family Tree

  2. Community and Dan Harmon deconstructing the format

  • Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking | Documentary Filmmaking: Redux | Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

III. Top Documentaries of 2013  (Starting at 49:20)

A. What NJAM Saw

  1. Blackfish | The Square | The Act of Killing | Stories We Tell | Bridegroom | Cutie and the Boxer | Which Way Is the Front of the Line from Here?

B. NJAM’s Top Documentaries

  1. Ryan: The Square | Timmie: Stories We Tell, Life According to Sam, Cutie and the Boxer | Michael: Bridegroom

C. For Shame, Academy.

  1. The Act of Killing

IV. Mini Segments

A. Things Michael Should Have Seen

  1. The Office UK Version

B. What NJAM Has Been Watching

  1. Girls | Looking | Sherlock

V. Closing

VI. Aftershow

Original Music

The music found in this episode was written and performed by the talented Jesse James

Audio Editing

This show was (minimally) edited by Ryan Jacobi.

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