#33: Oscars Wrap Up | Woody Allen


On this very special post Oscar episode, Timmie and producer, Ryan, have a wrap-up conversation about the 86th Academy Awards. Afterwards, they delve into a topic near and dear to their hearts, Woody Allen: filmmaker, standup comic, director, and actor. Listen as they share some of their favorite moments and films of his prolific career.

I. Intro

A. Timmie and Ryan only, this episode

B. Our topics

  1. Oscar party story

  2. Woody Allen, a favorite director of ours

II. Wrap up talk on Academy Awards (00:02:43)

A. Overall feeling about the show

  1. Ellen as host?

  2. Black ribbons

  3. Length

  4. Presenters and performances

  5. Winner speeches

B. The Award Winners

  1. Any shockers or snubs

  2. Which way would we have preferred things to go?

C. How we did in our annual betting pool

III. Woody Allen as Director and Filmmaker (00:27:42)

A. Our first experiences with his work

  1. Timmie

  2. Ryan

  3. Joint love for his films

B. Recent resurfacing of Allen controversy

  1. We don’t want to get into the politics

  2. NJAM’s stance on keeping the person and the art separate

IV. The Faces of Woody Allen

A. Early work

  1. Comedian

  2. TV Writer

  3. Films

B. Testing the Waters of Drama

  1. Annie Hall: Why it was so influential

  2. Interiors: Audience reaction

  3. Manhattan

  4. Hannah and Her Sisters: The difference between inner monologue and voiceover

  5. Influences of Ingmar Bergman, Fellini

C. Allen as a Public Figure

  1. Rarely appears at the awards shows

D. Resurgence

  1. Matchpoint

  2. Midnight in Paris

  3. Blue Jasmine

V. Conclusion/Aftershow

Original Music

The music found in this episode was written and performed by the talented Jesse James

Audio Editing

This show was edited by Ryan Jacobi.

NJAM Highly Recommends

Most of these classic Woody Allen films, aren’t available yet on Netflix, so this is your best way to view them currently!

The Woody Allen Collection, Sets 1-3

You also can’t go wrong with the blu ray set:

The Woody Allen Blu-ray Bundle (Annie Hall, Manhattan, Sleeper, Hannah and Her Sisters)

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