“Implosion of the Hollywood System” Vol. 1


You’re gonna be in Pictures, see! Join Timmie and Ryan as they delve into the beginnings of the studio system, Adolf Zukor, and Vertical Integration.  Don’t know what that is? You will by the end of this episode! #educational

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I. Intro 

A. Season 3: Trying Some New Things In 2015

II. What’s Wrong With Hollywood Now? [00:03:42]

A. What Do We Mean By Hollywood?

  • State of mind
  • Obviously a facetious title
  • We won’t get into TV until Vol. 2

B. What Gave Us The Idea For This Episode?

  • Thanks PATH Train!
  • Spielberg and Lucas talk in 2013
  • Studios don’t take risks anymore
  • Old strategies are failing

III. The Hollywood Studio System: A History [00:28:20]

A. Who is Adolf Zukor? (Credit to Douglas Gomery)

  • Head of Paramount
  • Principles of the Studio System:
    • Produced
    • Distributed
    • Exhibited
  • All to maximize profits

B. Word of the Day: Vertical Integration

C. Who Are The Other Large Studios?

    • Loews/MGM: Marcus Loew/Nick Schenck 
    • Fox: William Fox
    • Warner Bros: Harry Warner
    • RKO: David Sarnoff
    • Universal: Carl Laemmle
    • Columbia: Jack and Harry Cohn
    • United Artists: D.W. Griffith

D. What War(s)?

E. Stars and Studios

  • Control of every part of the industry
  • This includes the actors
  • Pro and Con debate
  • How is the star system still in place?
  • The Cobie Smulders Equation

IV. On The Next Episode… [00:58:45]

A. New Hollywood: (1960-1985)

B. Media Conglomerates And The Big Six

C. Contemporary Cinema

D. We’ve Discussed The Problems: What About Solutions?

      • Let’s put on our Studio Exec hats!

V. Mini Segments [01:01:14]

A. NJAM Sees It: A Most Violent Year (2014)

VI. Conclusions [01:05:02]

A. Related Links

Original Music

The music found in this episode was written and performed by the talented Jesse James.

Audio Editing

This show was edited by Ryan Jacobi.


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