3 Films We Need To Talk About: All That Jazz, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Whiplash


Can we talk to you for second? Timmie and Ryan introduce a new NJAM series, 3 Films We Need To Talk About! Listen as they compare and contrast 3 favorite films — musical style — on this first edition.  It’s showtime Folks!

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I. Intro and Personal History

A. What’s This New Series “3 Films We Need to Talk About?”

B.  It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

II. Basic Info [00:20:18]

A.  All That Jazz (1979), Director: Bob Fosse, Runtime: 2 hours 3 min

B. Hedwig and The Angry Inch (2001), Director: John Cameron Mitchell, Runtime: 1 Hour 35 min

C. Whiplash (2014), Director: Damien Chazelle, Runtime: 1 Hour 47 min

III. Commonalities and Contrasts [00:33:08]

A. Extreme POV of Protagonists/Unreliable Narrators

B. Personality Types…Charming Assholes?

  • Joe is a sort of fusion between Fletcher and Andrew, and has some Hedwig in him

C. Dream Sequences

D. Obsession

E. Editing Is Top Notch

  • Both Whiplash and All That Jazz Won Oscars for best editing
    • Tom Cross and Alan Heim
    • They both are crafted impeccably and don’t baby the audience
  • Whiplash gives you only what you need to know, it’s super tight, condensing time whenever possible
  • All That Jazz makes leaps forwards and backwards in time in a sophisticated way
    • No indication of time jumping, cross dissolves, title cards
  • More Time Stuff: Hedwig’s head in the oven while she listens to western music
  • Whiplash and Hedwig are also particularly fantastic in use of emotionally based edits
    • Hedwig Editor, Marcus Andrew: “One of the things I learned from this movie is when you keep the emotional thread going, everything ties together. The minute you break that thread, you lose the audience. In the early cuts of the movie, there was a lot more shtick in the stage presentation. A lot of comedic scenes we wound up cutting out because they put the brakes on the emotional experience and the identification with the characters.”

F. Actor/Director Connections (Six Degrees of…Each other)

G. Mythic Themes

H. Portrait Of Artists

IV. Mini Segments [01:07:34]

A.  LOTR in Concert

B. Two Faces of January (2014)

VI. Conclusions [01:11:16]

A. Related Links

Original Music

The music found in this episode was written and performed by the talented Jesse James.

Audio Editing

This show was edited by Ryan Jacobi.

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