On The Waterfront


Timmie, Ryan and Mike catch up on an old classic, On the Waterfront, and discuss everything from The Actor’s Studio, Marlon Brando’s mumblecore movement, to the Communist Party.  Tune in because we’re glad what we done to you!

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I. Intro 

A.  New Series: Movies We Should Have Seen

II. Why Is It Famous/Infamous? [00:02:40]

A.  Nothing Like It In Cinema Up To This Point

B.  Poetic Realism in Cinematography, Directing, Acting and Writing

C.  Incredibly Tight Script

D.  Bernstein’s Score

E.  Famous Scenes

F.  The Story and Heroism Stay With You

G.  Political Context

III. Separating Films From Historical Context [00:38:15]

A.  Does the Political Context Affect Your Viewing

B. The film as justification of Elia Kazan’s deposition to HUAC in which he “named names” — revenge fantasy??

C. What will the Legacy be?

IV. Influences [00:48:42]

A. Poetic Realism

B.  References/Connections

V. Mini Segments [00:54:46]

A.  Favorite Scenes

B.  Did Any Scenes Not Work for You?

C.  Criterion Special Features

D.  Trivia

E.  NJAM Sees It: GhostbustersBojoack Horseman: Season 3Don’t Think TwiceStranger ThingsVice Principals

Original Music

The music found in this episode was written and performed by the talented Jesse James.

Audio Editing

This show was edited by Ryan Jacobi.

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