Episode Archive

Want to catch up on “Classic” NJAM episodes? Right click and “Save Link As” to download directly: 

#1: Not Just a Movie

#2: Pickups: Top Five Animated Features

#3: A Clockwork Orange: “Tolchock to the Gulliver

#4: Pickups: The Outs – “Take it Good One”

#5: Pickups: The Great Gatsby – “High Times, Low Ratings”

#6: Arrested Development – “NJAM Love Michael”

#7: Pickups: Dr. Horrible – “Crazy Random Happenstance”

#8: Pickups: “Star Trek into Sequels”

#9: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – “NJAM Gets it Together”

#10: Pickups: Michael’s Top 3 Pixar Films – Wall-E

#11: Guest Pickups: The Horror Genre Stigma

#12: Sleepwalk with Me: “The Promise of NJAM”

#13: Pickups: All That Jazz – “Bob Fosse Presents Bob Fosse”

#14: Pickups: Michael’s Top 3 Pixar Films – Toy Story 2

#15: Game of Thrones, Season 3 and Beyond

#16: Pickups: Moonrise Kingdom: “Wes Anderson FTW Part One”

#17: Pickups: Michael’s Top 3 Pixar Films – The Incredibles

#18: The Outs & Whatever This Is: “Remember that time NJAM Got College Degrees?”

#19: Pickups: Fantastic Mr. Fox: “West Anderson FTW Part Two”

#20: Pickups: Guilty Pleasures: MTV’s Teen Wolf

#21: Cabin in the Woods (GUEST: Richard Floyd Walker)

#22: Pickups: Michael’s Fall 2013 Picks

#23: Pickups: The Royal Tenenbaums: “Wes Anderson FTW Part Three”

#24: NJAM Instant: Breaking Bad Finale

#25: Coraline: “NJAM, Cute as a Button”

#26: Spooky Pickups: The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror”

#27: Spooky Pickups: American Horror Story

#28: The Shining (GUEST: Monica Daniel) “Heeeere’s NJAM”

#29: “Repilot” | Award Season Flicks ’13 | Her

#30: Mockumentary Format | Top Docs of ’13

#31: Modern Offbeat Romances | Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

#32: George Lucas | Star Wars Saga (Guest: Lucas Siegel)

#33: Oscars Wrap Up | Woody Allen

#34: Afterlife on Film | Defending Your Life

#35: Movie Musicals (GUEST: Liza Marie Johnston) “Jellicle Cats”

#36: Dark Children’s Movies of the 80s


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