Author: Ryan Jacobi

I'm a picture/sound editor, cinematographer, and tech guy who loves a good story.

#51: The Reality of Space (INTERVIEW: Anthony Salvo)


In this companion piece to our Appeal of Space Movies episode, Ryan interviews his longtime friend (and aerospace engineer), Anthony Salvo, about the influence of Star Wars, bad movie science, and humanity’s actual future in space.

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#34: Afterlife on Film | Defending Your Life


On this episode of NJAM, the classic crew is back together to discuss depictions of afterlife on film, the Albert Brooks classic, Defending Your Life (1990), and maybe even their own views on what comes next.

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#33: Oscars Wrap Up | Woody Allen


On this very special post Oscar episode, Timmie and producer, Ryan, have a wrap-up conversation about the 86th Academy Awards. Afterwards, they delve into a topic near and dear to their hearts, Woody Allen: filmmaker, standup comic, director, and actor. Listen as they share some of their favorite moments and films of his prolific career.


#29: “Repilot” | Award Season Flicks ’13 | Her


Ring in 2014 with Timmie, Michael, and Ryan on episode 29 as they discuss the merits of the Golden Globes, their Oscar nomination guesses for Best Picture, their top 5 films of the 2013, and Spike Jonze’s newest feature, Her.


#28: The Shining (GUEST: Monica Daniel) “Heeeere’s NJAM”


On this spooky Halloween episode, Timmie and Michael are joined by producer, Ryan, and very special guest commentator, Monica Daniel! Listen as the gang discusses Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic, The Shining, Halloween, haunted houses, procedurals, and the best way to eat a sandwich.


#27: Spooky Pickups: American Horror Story

On this pickup episode, Timmie continues NJAM’s Halloween Extravaganza with American Horror Story (2011- Present). Listen as she raps about her favorite spooky moments, characters, and the horror genre’s migration to television.


#26: Spooky Pickups: The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror

In this special Halloween-themed pickup episode of NJAM, Michael discusses some of his most memorable spooky (and not so spooky) Treehouse of Horror moments from his all-time favorite television show, The Simpsons.


#25: Coraline: “NJAM, Cute as a Button”

On this episode, Timmie and Michael discuss the film Coraline (2009), written and directed by Henry Selick, and based on the book by Neil Gaiman. Listen to their analysis of the casting, story, and themed Chex mixes.

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