Silicon Valley: HBO’s Fresh Spring Startup



author: Timmie

I think what draws me most to Silicon Valley is the weekly invitation into this very specific society.


Opening Credits: The Lost Art


author: Michael

It comes as no surprise that many shows now bypass the traditional intro sequence for a creatively placed title card, keeping resources and time strictly devoted to telling the most efficient story possible. Still, some shows take the opportunity to hype up viewers for the coming action, and the best ones even manage to educate in the process.


Why HBO’s True Detective Has Become My True Obsession


author: Timmie

True Detective costars acclaimed film actors Matthew McConaghey and Woody Harrelson as partnered detectives working on a disturbing murder investigation. Both actors have had much success in the film industry thus far. Harrelson has been nominated for several Featured Actor Academy and Golden Globe Awards as recently as 2013, and McConaghey, who has already received the Golden Globe in 2014 for Best Actor in a Drama (Dallas Buyers Club), is up for Best Actor at the Oscars in March. So what are they doing on HBO each Sunday night?


Movie Review: Epic

Epic or Epic Fail?

author: Timmie

Last weekend, predominantly due to boredom, I found myself going to see the new Dreamworks animated film, Epic (2013).  While I went into the theater with no particular opinion formed, I was vastly unmoved by the whole production.  With a title like Epic, one assumes something bold and exciting right?