#27: Spooky Pickups: American Horror Story

On this pickup episode, Timmie continues NJAM’s Halloween Extravaganza with American Horror Story (2011- Present). Listen as she raps about her favorite spooky moments, characters, and the horror genre’s migration to television.


#22: Pickups: Michael’s Fall 2013 Picks


On this pickup episode of NJAM, Michael discusses the new shows he’ll be checking out this fall, as well as some returning ones he’s eager to dive back into.


Why ‘Glee’ Needs to Graduate

Author: Michael

It’s not often that I admit my guilty pleasures, especially on a public forum. I’d like to think I have more refined taste than what some of my television and movie viewing would lead you to believe. Though, the whole point of this website is to not only study good media, but to justify our love for the media that might not be setting the world on fire. Sometimes, I just enjoy sitting back, relaxing, and seeing familiar television characters interact on a weekly basis, even if the stories might not be that compelling.

Glee, for me, is one of those shows.