mad men

TV Pilots: Drama Edition


NJAM gets crazy into TV Pilots! Join Timmie and Ryan as they revisit their favorite “Modern Classics” and try to discover what makes a good first episode. Have they learned something?  And what show did they keep watching?

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How Trailers Should Work


author: Ryan

​What I’m really referring to as the ideal trailer, is one that fools by omission and juxtaposition. We understand what the film is going to be, before shelling out our $$$ for admission, but have pretty much everything else kept intact to be revealed.


#1: It’s Not Just a Movie?

On the premiere episode of Not Just a Movie, Timmie, Michael, and Ryan sit down to discuss the deeper meaning behind the name and philosophy of their new project, the changing landscape of the Mad Men universe, the hooks of Lost, and the first two seasons of Game of Thrones on HBO and how they compare to the George RR Martin books. Beware, spoilers abound!