#75: Little Miss Sunshine

Timmie is joined by Ryan for a special Thanksgiving week episode!  Listen in as they talk about one of their favorite independent family comedies.  They’re so in sync on this, they may even finish each other’s…sandwiches.

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#23: Pickups: The Royal Tenenbaums: “Wes Anderson FTW Part Three”

On this pickup episode Timmie discusses the last of her top three Wes Anderson films, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), directed by Wes Anderson, and co-written by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson.


#20: Pickups: Guilty Pleasures: MTV’s Teen Wolf

On this week’s episode of NJAM, Michael reluctantly discusses his current television guilty pleasure: MTV’s Teen Wolf. Listen in as he tries to justify his addiction, while avoiding topics like character shipping, fanfiction, and dedicated Tumblr blogs.